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Sunstream is proud to be the leader in hydraulic freestanding lifts, free-floating lifts, automatic boat cover systems, PWC drive-on lifts and government/commercial portable lifts.

Sunstream is continuously making major advancements to not only to make boating easier and safer, but by reducing your boat maintenance and providing better protection of your investment.



The Sunlift SLX is the new standard in free-standing hydraulic boat lifts. Sunstream has a rich heritage of innovation, and it continues to drive us today more than ever. We’re boaters too and we believed boating could be more fun and less hassle. The Sunlift SLX is the culmination of meticulous engineering, unparalleled manufacturing, and technological advancement.

Key Features

  • Standard marine grade stainless steel cylinders
  • Softstop technology for smooth operation
  • Stainless steel hydraulic hoses
  • Pressure balance pump
  • Bronze bushings at all pivot points
  • Shallowest water operating lift, period
  • Custom fit adjustable bunks
  • Standard Bluetooth Controller and Diagonstic App

Designed with the user in mind, the SunLift™ pioneered the hydraulic freestanding boat lift revolution, and is still known for its reliability, durable construction and safe design. With over sixteen years of service in salt and freshwater environments, the SunLift™ is refined and proven. Sunstream’s wide range of accessories optimizes the lift for your specific needs.

Models from 2,000 to 32,000 lbs, up to 6 feet of lifting range and up to 22 feet of depth.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream Sunlifts


Visualize using your boat like your car with the unmatched speed, security, versatility and ease of use of the Sunstream FloatLift™. Powerful hydraulics pull the foam-filled polyethylene floats under the boat in as little as 30 seconds with the simple press of a remote control.

Simply tie the FloatLift™ to most places you can tie your boat: slips, side-ties or even a mooring buoy. The FloatLift™ is designed for fresh or salt water, with an aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, marine grade hydraulic cylinders with stainless shafts, and marine grade hoses.

Capacities up to 40K lbs, min water depth 12” under hull.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream Floatlifts

HELIX Piling Lift

Introducing the Sunstream Helix Piling Lift

Sunstream has revolutionized the concept of a piling lift, merging unparalleled hydraulic speed with an aesthetically concealed structure to craft a lifting system that guarantees seamless boarding, heightened reliability, and enhanced safety. Experience reduced noise levels and impressive launching/lifting speeds, reaching as fast as 15 seconds. The Helix-P™ isn’t just a lift; it’s an open invitation to embark on more boating adventures and maximize the enjoyment of your marine experiences!

Key Features of the Sunstream Helix Lift:

  • Space-Saving Design: The Helix-P’s spiral structure not only enhances its lifting capabilities but also minimizes the space required for installation. This makes it an ideal choice for marinas, private docks, and waterfront properties where maximizing space is crucial.
  • Adaptive Technology: Sunstream Helix-P incorporates advanced adaptive technology to ensure a secure and efficient lift for various boat sizes and styles. Its intuitive controls and automated features simplify the lifting process. When lifting, it is nearly silent and moves up to 12x faster than traditional piling lifts.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Sunstream Helix-P is built to withstand the rigors of marine environments. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliability.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream Helix-P


The Sunstream TriLift™ is specifically designed to lift today’s premium pontoons/tritoons. Based on Sunstream SunLift™ patented technology, the Sunstream TriLift™ offers premium high-speed, remote-controlled lifting while addressing the unique lifting needs of today’s premium pontoons and tritoons.

The Sunstream TriLift™ features elongated 17 ft bunks to provide optimal hull support that both minimizes stresses on the hull and evenly distributes weight on the pontoons to provide superior stability. Like other Sunstream products, every detail has been carefully engineered for superior performance, aesthetics, reliability and long life.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream TriLift



Ideal for small craft stored in fresh or salt water with fluctuations between zero and four feet during boating season. Providing the same high performance for your PWC that the SunLiftTM provides for your boat, the SunLift MiniTM utilizes high-speed hydraulics to launch and lift your PWC in seconds.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream Mini



Smooth loading, durable and secure, the SunPort2™ provides a unique combination of form and function to your PWC docking experience. The wide-mouthed pivoting tail guides and holds the bow upon entry and enables loading on the port with minimal power; and the integrated bow stop positions your craft properly, protecting it from dock accidents.

A hydrodynamically shaped bottom helps keep your craft floating horizontal on the port and uniquely-shaped, dual row of Stoltz rollers are designed to provide the best fit for your craft, with the most durability. Foam-filled polyethylene construction makes the SunPort2™ unsinkable, giving you additional piece of mind.

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream Sunport2


Automatic Boat Cover

Imagine covering or uncovering your boat in seconds, and giving your boat complete protection from the elements. No more hassling with multiple covers and painful snaps. No more figuring out which is the front of the cover. No longer taking up valuable space in your boat with a dirty cover. Just roll the cover from the front, drape it over the boat, and cinch it tight.

With a SwiftShield™, you will use your boat more, enhance your boating experience, and your boat will stay new longer!

For technical specifications, please visit: Sunstream SwiftShield

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