FAQs for WBL Marine

WBL Marine is a comprehensive dock and boat provider for Alberta and British Columbia. We offer dock and boat lift solutions for any application. Tidal waters, lakes, seasonal applications, from SeaDoos to yachts.

Our locations provide comprehensive sales and service across Alberta and British Columbia.

With over two decades of experience, WBL Marine has established itself as a trusted partner and leader in the marine sector, delivering high-quality dock and boat lifts to clients in Western Canada.

Our lifts can handle the smallest craft, to those exceeding 40,000 lbs. No matter your boat, we can lift it. 

The general rule of thumb is that the dry weight of the boat should not exceed 85% of your lifts rated capacity. However, many factors come into play. Reach out to WBL Marine to help you choose the lift that’s right for you. 

You can easily request a quote by calling us to discuss your needs or by completing the contact form on our website. 

At WBL Marine, we proudly partner with the industry’s top-notch manufacturers, reflecting our commitment to the utmost quality. As fellow boating enthusiasts, we deeply understand and value the boating lifestyle, recognizing its significance for our families and the overall water experience.

Our systems are customized based on each customer’s individual needs and application. Please contact us to find the right fit for you.

WBL Marine provides a diverse array of lift options from two manufacturers – Sunstream and Floe. Our lifts cater to boats of all kinds. Our selection includes vertical lifts, hydraulic lifts, cantilever lifts, floating boat lifts, piling lifts, PWC lifts, pontoon lifts, tritoon lifts, and floating PWC docks, ensuring that we have the perfect lift solution for every type of watercraft.

Float Boat Lifts   Substream Boat Lifts

WBL Marine provides a selection of docking solutions, including roll-in docks, sectional docks, and floating docks.

WBL Marine offers the FLOE dock, meticulously crafted from aluminum.

No, our aluminum dock works as a conductor and absorbs the temperature from the components in the water, thus keeping the dock a manageable temperature.

No, our aluminum deck boards are powder coated with a paint that contains a silicate grip to ensure confidence in every step.

WBL Marine takes great pride in its exclusive representation of industry marine leaders FLOE and Sunstream.


For more product specific questions, please visit the manufacturer’s websites: FLOE   Sunstream, or give us a call!

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