Surfing, absolutely!

Wakeboarding and skiing, you better believe it. Tubing, of course. A sunset cruise or a quick trip to your favorite restaurant – whatever you decide to do, the Varatti delivers.

Three new models available for delivery: 2272 / 2373 / 2474

Shifting the paradigm

Just when people thought you needed to have a hefty deep hull to make a large surf wake, the Varatti™ wake boat changes the game.

We created a nimble, sexy-looking boat that surfs beyond belief with 2/3 the weight and a fraction of the ballast – and yet slalom course capable. Less weight means more efficiency. Efficiency means more economy. It also means less bow rise for a better view of the horizon, a comfortable ride for passengers, and safer operating conditions.

So we shifted the paradigm and created the Varatti™ boat. Do any other paradigms need shifting? It’s what we do!

Our Inventory

Model Specs

NMMA Certified using ABYC standards
5 Year Bow-to-Stern Warranty Incl. Trailer

Z2272 Z2373 Z2474
Length 22'7" 23'7" 24'7"
Beam 8'6" 8'6" 8'6"
Weight 5400 lbs 5600 lbs 5800 lbs
Ballast 2650 lbs 2650 lbs 2650 lbs
Draft 28" 28" 28"
Fuel 185 L 242 L 242 L
Persons 14 15 16
Cupholders 24 25 29

Build your Varatti

Use Varatti’s Boat Builder program to design your perfect boat. With Varatti’s many customizable options, this program will let you choose just how you want your new Varatti to look and which of the enhanced features you would like to have built just for you! 

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